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Words with Friends Free Online Game

Words with Friends Free Online Game is a popular online game that was originally developed back in 2009. After the initial launch by the founders Paul and David Bettner, the game some massive success coming its way. Alone by the end of its launch year, 2009, the game had 1.6 million daily active users. Since then, there has been no looking back for the game postern for pc.

Words with Friends Online Game

The game words with friends free online game is basically like Scrabble, with a slight difference in the layout of tiles and rules of the game. Pertaining to an unparalleled popularity, there have been regularly updated versions, which have ensured the finest playing experience to the users. Especially in 2011, the game finally incorporated Android features and was now compatible with a range of devices.

Community Mode:
Community Mode is actually what gives the game its name: Words with Friends. Either you can randomly challenge and play with other online players, or you can go with the popular option of directly playing with your friends and family. The opportunity to challenge and prove one’s supremacy in the game over their friends is what enthrals million of players from all over the world every day.

The audience of this game is literally anybody living on the planet and having a mobile device. Be it children, adults or seniors, the game has been equally fascinating for all age groups. The word games that have been around for ages, has been replaced by a much smarter and improved version. Despite being at a distance, friends and family members can conveniently relish the craziness through Words with Friends, which used to be around vocabulary savvy Scrabble sessions. In a nutshell, the game is for anybody who loves playing word games and has some sort of familiarity with them.

Words With Friends Free Online Game

How To Play The Words with Friends Free Online Game

How to play the game?
The exact tutorial and tips/ strategies of the games are out of the scope of this piece and are, therefore, not included for being too extensive. We are just imparting basic acquaintance of the game and for that reason, won’t disappoint you in an outright manner. A basic understanding of game play will be provided.

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Words with Friends Free Online Game should be a walk in the park or anybody who has previously played Scrabble. The first word should have a letter on star square. Afterwards, every new word must have a letter (or tile) in common with the first word. Each letter used by a player has a specific point value. A player’s total point value depends upon the point values of letters in a word. Playing a word on bonus squares like Double value of tile (DL) or Triple value of the word (TW) gets a player double or triple of base value. Multiple bonus tiles can be cumulatively used to get multiple points instantly.
The words with friends free online game ends when one of the players has either finished his tiles or has used the option to ‘pass’ three times. The total value points of remaining words are calculated and added to the total square of player who has finished his tiles first. The same number of total points is also subtracted from the points of the player who is unable to finish the tiles first.

Basic Tips for the game:
The first tip to start off with Words with Friends is that don’t make the rookie mistake of looking to make extra long words. Instead, try placing the words at right places. Use them in a way that words include bonus squares like DW or TL and their combinations. Now, that we are talking about bonus tiles, please don’t use vowels adjacent to them. Remain mindful of most scoring letters like J, Q, X and Z and use them in the start of the game. If fewer tiles are there at the end, get rid of them at the earliest.


words with friends free online game

words with friends free online game


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